Bath Time with Daddy

posted on: Monday, March 28, 2011

Last night Sam and I gave Káel one of his most favorite treats ever: a bath. He is like a little fish. He will stay in there forever, kicking and splashing. The boy loves water. Eee! I can't wait for the summer sun to peek out from behind these cold and gray clouds that have been hanging out in my town lately. Come on swimmin' trunks, sunscreen and pool time!

Well, Forest boy's favorite person, his daddy, decided to join in the fun and jump in the tub with him. So, Sam and his boy played for quite a bit in our oversized jacuzzi tub. Dear goodness, the sight of them laughing and smiling made my heart fly right out of myself.

Each time we give him a big bath like this, it becomes more and more of a blast because each week he changes and becomes more aware of how amazing everything is and expresses his joy in a more dramatic way. After bath time, it was off to bed with the little handsome. He smelled so sweet and his little fuzzy head was the softest thing ever. Mmmm...I love my boy.

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8 thoughts:

  1. Great pictures!! Káel is such a cute little boy! My son loves taking baths too and is right there trying to climb in as soon as he hears the water come on.

  2. You sure have one adorable baby!

  3. dude, I cannot wait to have family bath time. is that weird?? (:

    this is wonderful (:

  4. Ack! Cute attack!! The baby toe picture...cutest thing ever!!! :D <3!


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