Happy Birthday Boho Baby Bump

posted on: Monday, February 14, 2011

1 Year ago today I decided to start a blog. I was barely pregnant and wanted to have an outlet/online journal of my quest for staying boho stylish during my pregnancy and my musings as a soon to be mom. I knew practically nothing about the blogging world (I'm still learning) and less about what to expect while being pregnant. Now, one year later, here I am with a 5 month old son and 440 followers. Wow. It's been the craziest most amazing year of my life. I go back and look at my first posts and giggle. If I could have looked into the future then at a Jess sitting in her bedroom, typing this blog post a year later with my little boy sound asleep right next to me, not pregnant, no jitters, no bulging tummy that held so much mystery and a whole crew of people peeking in on our journey...goodness.

I have gotten so many sweet emails the past year from so many of you telling me how the blog makes you smile and happy, about your families and lives. I have LOVED every one. As my blogging friend and lady love, Miss James penned- thanks for looking in on "my corner of the Internet." I love that. Thank you for enjoying this journey with me, watching my baby grow, and crying and laughing with me at all the different little happenings. How cool is this blogging wave that we can connect and document our lives like this, sharing it with so many amazing people? I'm excited at how this blog has grown and I look forward to sharing my days, my smiles and my stories with you for another year.

If you like, leave a comment and tell me what you have enjoyed the most about the blog and what more you would like to see! I would love to hear your thoughts. :)

Happy Valentines day and Happy Birthday Boho Baby Bump.

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17 thoughts:

  1. yay for 1 year! look forward to many more :) love reading your blog and getting a peek into your life :)

    much love,

  2. Thank you samarah! I have enjoyed your comments and such! <3

  3. I can't wait to read more about your beautiful family.

    Happy Valentines Day!!

  4. I love how genuinley happy and full of joy you are! I really love your blog, and your posts do make me smile!

  5. I've just been so incredibly inspired by your blogs! Thank you for being so open and happy to share your life with so many of us! :) be encouraged because you're doing such a great job! xo

  6. I found your blog by chance when I was looking for something on Google image search... I stumbled upon a picture from your wedding blog. I liked it, I thought it was pretty and stylish and so I checked in now and then. And there, of course, I found your baby blog. It's so nice! I like the sincerity and sweetness of your family's stories. Looking forward to more :)

    Happy valentine's Day and many blessings! :):)

  7. Happy Valantine's, Jessica!

    And Happy Blogiversary, Boho Baby Bump! ;)

    I just want you to know it is an inspiration to witness such beauty in the world, as I have found in the example of your wonderful family, friends, your amazing little boy Forest, and the little and big somethings you share that bring a smile to all of our faces and remind us that this is the point...people, life, love...it is all a gift to us!

    I, for one, am greatful to have stumbled across your little world in the process of "wedding day dreaming" a year ago and to have found there really are amazing people out there to inspire you and to make you aspire to be the best, most beautiful, most loving example of life and love you can be.

    Thanks, Jessica, for being such a beautiful person and sharing your world with us. It really does mean something to many of us out there.

    God Bless!!! <3


  8. I love your posts on Kael and anything to do with boho style. Also, I was drawn instantly to your positive outlook on life, even before we were friends from Wives Club. Happy Birthday Boho!

  9. oh, boho, i adore you so! i LOVE your blog and will continue following it for all the years to come!! :) xoxo...hope you are having a lovely valentines with your boys! <3


  10. I love all the boho-ness that is you and your blog! :) Looking forward to another year!

  11. I first stumbled upon your engagement video via youtube..and then the clip from your wedding..which led me to your sister in laws photography website (while looking up lyrics to one of the songs in the video she sang) and then from there I found your blog. The internet is a crazy thing..and makes this world seem a bit smaller. You're an average woman which I love because it makes you VERY easy to relate to, yet you are beautiful and passionate and unique. Your love for the Lord shows in every post..whether you're posting about good news or bad. I also fell in love with some other blogs from reading about them on yours. Congrats on the one year! Thank you for sharing your heart and life with all of us. You encourage me

  12. I actually only found your blog a few days ago (via your "featured" spot on Sometimes Sweet) and I've been enjoying all your posts! :) (Plus the blog name just sucked me in INSTANTLY ... just fabulous.)

  13. Hi Jess, I read daily all the way from Australia.
    I have loved seeing your little man grow so beautifully. You are one of the baby bloggers who inspired me to start my own recently. Looking forward to future reading, Natalie. (www.natalie-winterlove.blogspot.com)

  14. Congrats on the amazing success that your blog is has brought to you! You have a cute blog, I found you through top baby blogs!

    The Smith Circle


  16. LOVE YOUR blog. the images. and your posts. Very cool. I hope you continue.

  17. I love how upbeat and cheery you always are. And I would love to see more fashion/styling posts. You have great style!


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