Forest Friends

posted on: Monday, February 7, 2011

Micah Lyric is one of Káel's little buddies. She is the sweetest thing with the cutest smile and most endearing voice. Her momma, Lorean is pretty amazing and a dear lady love friend of mine. She has a pretty cool blog you should check out HERE. She is awesomeness. We were on the journey of being a baby spa around the same time so when both our babies finally decided to make their debut, they were destined to be friends. ;) Lorean's husband is an amazing illustrator, designer and videographer. Check out this stop animation vid he made, documenting Lorean's pregnancy. I think you will love it.

micah with her mommy and daddy- lorean & david

8 thoughts:

  1. That's an awesome video! So cute!

  2. THat was an awesome video - and doesn't she have the nicest, cutest bumps ever!?

  3. Amaaaazing! :) Happy, happy heart. <3

  4. that video is lovely! what a great idea!
    Marlo wants to be friends with Micah and Forest :)

  5. Found your blog through the top baby blogs website! Love it. Was scrolling on down through your home page and thought, "hey, I know that baby!" she's my sweet little niece!" Dave & L are my sis/bro in law-they are awesome indeed. ;) Small world!


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