posted on: Monday, March 1, 2010

Well, the last few days my body's been fighting off a kidney infection. Yuck.

Being a woman of high pain tolerance, I was begining to buckle when pain after pain stabbed me in the back. ugh.
Seeing that I'm going the natural way in doing the baby thing, as much as possible my midwife got me a perscription of anti-biotics. I'm doing so much better.

Funny how you hear so many different things from different moms. You come to realize that you're not those other women. So when one says, you're throwing up will stop in your second trimester-you don't take it to heart. My body is gonna do what my body's gonna do and throwing up is it's thing. haha.

I gained next to nothing as far as weight goes in my first trimester. But, now that I'm 3 weeks in my 2nd it's starting to catch up. Can't really tell but the scale says so. :) I'm enjoying this time of shifting and curves.

So, my little bean sprout, we made it through this week, I was a little worried. You're already growing so much! 16 weeks?! Wow. Come out and see me in August and we'll have some awesome love, eye locking time.

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