Pink Or Blue, That is the Question

posted on: Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We've hit the 19 week and something days mark! No longer do I find myself hugging the toilet seat mid morning or being queasy nearly as much as before.

I came into my second trimester just as the hints of spring started coloring our little area! I feel like I can finally enjoy, fully enjoy my pregnancy as a whole now. With the exception of being more hungry than ever, no nuisances plague me really.

Sam and I made an appointment for our first sonogram tomorrow! We get to see our little bit for the very first time. I have butterflies, lots of them.

Pink or blue? Princess dress up or frogs and forts? I can't wait. Whatever it is, am I ready? Not really. But, are we ever truly ready for any new thing in life? I don't think so. Is that a reason to miss something freaking amazing? Heck no.

Oh gosh, will I be able to handle the awesomeness of my kid?! I'm going to have a kid! Hellooo?!

Wow. I don't think it really fully hits a first time prego woman what is actually going on in her until way after her baby pops out of the oven. It hasn't hit me and I don't see it fully sinking in anytime soon.

My brain is so full of ideas and pictures of the kind of mom I want to be. Days where we go around with painted faces all day long for no reason except the fun of it. Nights full of giggles and stories in the forts that Sam and I make with them in the living room. Or times where I listen to them tell me the "little nothings" of the adventures of their world and taking them in my treasure box as if it were the most important thing in the universe.

I'm also realizing in the middle of all this excitement and joy that, my life as I knew it is over forever. But, just like in getting married, life changes. And, it has been the best thing.
So, with our little mango, it's gonna be awesome. Holding someones hand, growing in life together, no longer self focused. Now, we two start chapter 3: "Hello Baby."

Here we go, hello mommy-hood.

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  1. Your excitement has got me excited for you! God bless you and your new life :)


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