2nd Trimester Exercise: Day 1

posted on: Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Head pounding, slight chills and barely any motivation at the moment, I pull myself out of lounging mode and channel into youtube for Prenatal Yoga sessions. The wonder of technology. :) Making myself do at least a little something everyday isn't really that hard (depending on the day honestly) -but days like this when I don't feel like it is the toughest. One "tough" day can turn into another and another. Before you know it I can go a whole week without being "momy active"! But, I did it. I got my work out pants on (that desperately need to be thrown in that load of wash I have going now). These pants in a strange way make me feel more motivated to working out. Ha!

So, here it goes, a whole new level of exercise "2nd Trimester" exercise that is. oooOOOOOoooo...

Clip ready and Music selected, I shall see you my dear blog AFTER my work out. :)

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