It's My Favorite

posted on: Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"It's My Favorite" 
a new mini series of sweet moments 

Holding hands with Kael is my favorite. He will get a burst of energy and run ahead. In his mind's eye, he's chasing a tiger or flying like Buzz Lightyear. But then, he will  stop in his tracks and reach out with a huge grin on his face (his grin slays me)  and asks to hold my hand. It never gets old. All of a sudden, time slows down and I can feel every part of myself soaking up the precious feelings of trust and tenderness. Watching my 2.5 year old toddler turn into a little boy has been the most amazing chapter of life that Samuel and I have experienced, so far. Last night, Samuel walked into the kitchen with tears in his eyes, after tucking in our  little Forest friend and said, "Gosh I love our sons, Jess... Kael, he's just so sweet." More tears well up in his eyes, with a smile that leaves my heart in a puddle. Those are the moments I live for. There are days of whining, frustration and tears, of course. But, I am overwhelmed with tidal waves of love and awe, as I watch this boy of ours lavish sweetness and the most sincere affection on our hearts.

 Kael, you can hold my hand forever.


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  1. I don't know where you've been the last couple months but I'm so glad you're back! Your words are so refreshing and full of love- I've missed them :)

  2. So, so, SO sweet. (And I second Kaity's comment up there!) My little guy is almost 2, and I love those moments where he just reaches out for my hand and says "mommy? Love you." *melt*

  3. your are such a beautiful mama. our first little son was born just six weeks ago today. it's breathtaking how one tiny little person can take your breathe away.


  4. Precious! Beautiful picture!!

  5. I am SO GLAD you are back, too! You are always like a ray of sunshine and a breath of fresh air....

  6. What an adorable pic of you and your little man! You are truly so beautiful. You and your family reflect so much love and joy.

  7. my son is almost 2 and it just. keeps. getting. better. my eyes welled up with tears at this post. life is so beautiful as a mother. i am so grateful. blessings to your as you seek out the joy, love & favorites (there are so many!) lis

  8. what a gorgeous photo, you are both adorable!!

    Zoe xx

  9. I've read your blog for a long time Jess, over a year I think, and I've loved reading about you and your boys.I've always wanted a family and I can't wait for the year I get to grow and birth and get to know my own babies, but I saw this post and my heart just GREW. I feel like my heart has taken up all the space in my chest for my lungs. To think one day I might be as lucky as you and hold my child's hand is just amazing!



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