Packing, Packing, Packing...Oh, and A Date!

posted on: Thursday, July 21, 2011

Although it looks all clean and calm in the background, let me assure you, it is NOT! Káel has a new forest of cardboard boxes to explore and crawl over while we pack up our yellow cottage dream land. There is stuff everywhere!  It has been interestingly easy for me to work around little boy's naps though. ;) The stress level is a little high at times. Our tv's are officially off the walls which means Baby Einstein is available only on our computers and the entire upstairs is ready to be loaded in a moving truck. My brain feels so scattered at times. Oh, and our fridge is on day 6 of being totally dead. Our landlord gave us a mini freezer that we have been using. It kinda feels like we are camping.

I feel like my brain is running a million miles an hour! I'm planning an amazing baby shower for a dear friend that will take place the weekend after we move into our new casa.  Then, Forest boy has his first and I haven't even gotten a chance to do any real organizing of my thoughts for that. It will all come together. I have a tendency to put more on my plate than I can eat. I want to do SO many things and a lot of times it ends up biting me in the booty. We are SO excited to be moving into our new little bungalow though!! I keep telling myself, one more week Jess, then you can nest and decorate and go on walks in the pretty neighborhood. My heart gets so excited just thinking about it! Eeeee!

Today I'm babysitting little miss Anthem again which I enjoy so much. While the kids play, I'm going to try and squeeze in a few boxes here and there. Then, tonight my handsome man and I have a long overdue date night. Even though logically it doesn't make sense to let up in our moving venture less than a week before we move, or spend the extra does make sense in the heart department. It's so important for Sam and I to have grown-up time with each other, away from the diapers and bottles,  without thinking about Forest boy's next meal or all the other wonderful details of being a parent. Being our little boy's mom and dad is the best thing ever, but to keep that the best thing ever, we need to keep our hearts full of each other.  Date night is like a treat to that part of us. We even went to Buffalo Exchange yesterday and swapped some of our threads for a new dress for me and some new duds for Sam, to make it extra fun and special.  Well, little missy and my little adventurer are getting into something "amazing," I better go check on them. :)
I took a 5 min break yesterday and spray painted these once brown wooden  frames that go to the cross-stich pictures my great-great grandma made. :) They have always gone in the hallways of my families homes and now, they will go in our new little hallway! Who says you can't whip out the spray paint can in the middle of moving chaos? It gave me a creative boost I greatly needed. ;)
Sam and I knocked Káel's room out yesterday.

Have a fabulous Thursday! I hope you find a heart full of things to love and enjoy today.


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  1. That last sentence is so BEAUTIFUL! and so true! :) And you look so pretty on the first picture, love that little braid! :)

  2. Good luck with the move!! They can be soooo stressful! P.s I love your hair in this pick! Very cute!

  3. you guys are sweets! thank you! :) as far as the last sentence goes, that's what I've been trying to focus on these past months :) i learned how to doe the braid on free people's blog

  4. It's hard sometimes to feel love and joy (and things to enjoy) when stressed [Especially when packing and moving!] So I hope you too find a heart full of things to love today, and for the rest of the weekend. Love to you mama :) :) *HUGS*

  5. I just moved out too and let me tell you - I understand! I moved and started a new job and had 2 photo shoots all in the one week! And I was amazed by how much STUFF I have! But nesting, decorating, AND walking through my new pretty neighbourhood are all things I have done :) It really is exciting. Can't wait to hear about it all! Have fun on your date!

  6. you look sooo pretty without eye makeup :)

  7. I recognized the braid right away! I attempted it earlier... think I need a little more practice.
    Have fun on your date! I always feel recharged after a date night with my guy! :)

  8. Have fun moving! We're doing the same thing right now; moving date set for the 29th! I know it can be frustrating and hectic, especially with a little guy, but I'm so walking on a cloud knowing that God totally did this for us. I hope you're having the same experience! :D Happy, happy. :D

    (First comment! Just started reading your blog a few weeks ago. Love how much you love being a wife to your man and a mommy to your baby boy... So have that in common with you. :D)


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