2 Days Left

posted on: Monday, July 25, 2011

We have 2 days left before the moving van pulls up and we load up all of our trinkets and pretty things  to our new little house! As much as I can say I'm excited, I also feel the urge to pull my curls out! AH! If you have ever moved, you know how it is...especially towards the end. There is STUFF everywhere! Little odds and ends that somehow keep appearing out of nowhere. All the little baubles and misc. items, I swear seem to be breeding like bunnies while we sleep. I've been pretty proud of how organized I have been in my mad packing skills this move. But, these last 2 days are gonna stretch me. Forest boy has been a trooper and going with the flow, like a champ. A couple of my friends have offered to watch him while we do the heavy work, which is AMAZING. Thanks girls! <3 

It makes me sad that I'm so behind on Káel's monthly growing posts. :( I think I'll try to just do a 3 month recap with pictures, once we are all moved in. This move has been so time and brain consuming that it's scattered my blogging brain a bit. But, I'm really excited and looking forward to getting back in the writing groove, hopefully in the next couple of weeks! Thanks for hanging in there with us! :)

I thought I'd share some pics from this past week, using the Instagram app! If you have it, you can follow our day to day journey! username "bohobabybump" 

Well, it's off to packing again I go! Happy day dears!
This is pretty much what I have looked like every day this past week. 
Helping mommy "pack" by re-sorting some misc. things in the bathroom. yes, those are pads left over from his birth. ha!

Big deal for me: organizing, sorting through and getting rid of my jewelry collection before it goes in a box. 

His latest obsession, cars. 

i couldn't remember the last time i had had a "cheat" drink from starbucks. Sam brought me one while packing. the mocha-cocconut iced coffee.....gasp. so good!
A couple days ago, I got to take a small break in the evening and have what was supposed to be a netflix movie night with some girl friends. We ended up talking and laughing 'til midnight instead (which i think is much better ). ;) I tossed on a scarf, some mascara and earrings before heading out the door .
Styling Sarah's hair. We all felt like we were 12 again. 

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  1. Looks like you're having fun! :) Hope things go smoothly and quickly for you for the next 2 days.

  2. Best of luck with the final packing! It sounds so busy!
    I'm going to have to have a little hunt through the blog and see if you have a post about how to wear scarves, yours always look so pretty! Do you remember if there is one? If not, can you pls do a post when you get a chance, would be great!
    Rhi xx

  3. rhiannon- i haven't done a post like that yet but it is in the works. i'm hoping to have it up in august with step by step pics on the different ways to wear it plus a little video! :) <3

  4. You are so pretty!! You look happy Mama, good times!

  5. I hate moving...so much. When we bought our house 2 years ago I basically told my husband that we would not move for at least 6 years. I hated going from apartment to apartment each year when we lived in Chicago so I just had to stay put for a while.

  6. Oh man I hate moving. It is exciting but a huge, anxiety provoking chore. That is cool that he likes cars, my little man loves them too. He will watch cars go by out the window for an hour. So cute! Love the blog :)

  7. such a pretty blog


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