Going to the Chapel

posted on: Saturday, June 4, 2011

So would you like to here something oh, so exciting!? One of my dearest friend's, Joshua Schwartz, is getting married to the amazing, beautiful and wonderful Brittany Pitts tomorrow! Josh lead the drum circle at my wedding and is a heart friend that's like my blood brother. I didn't think I was going to be able to make it to their wedding, seeing Sam's been looking for work the past month. But, we worked it out and I got to use some old air miles to help make up the difference for the trip! I flew to Dallas yesterday and myself and my folks are driving up today. I am SO, SOOOO excited you have no idea!

Despite the terrible sadness the tornado brought when it hit Joplin, they have chosen to go on with their wedding right there in the heart of downtown. I'm so elated to be able to celebrate this day with them! Kael is ready to get it on and party as well. ;) Josh and Britt haven't met little boy yet, another reason I'm excited to see them! I'll be on the road today tomorrow and the next day. Yay for last minute miracles! I would have cried very hard if I hadn't been able to make it. When I get back home I will have a ton of posts from the past couple weeks and this weekend to show you all. Have a wonderful weekend dears.

Say some happy prayers for Josh and Brittany. Both of their full time jobs were destroyed by the storm. I   can only imagine how hard that is for them going into married life. God is faithful over them and I know he will provide.

Ok, I have to go, I could sit here all day and write pretty much the same thing over and over again about how excited I am for them. Eeeeeeeeee!

love and goodness,


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  1. wow what a beautiful couple. I'm glad you are getting to go!

  2. What a beautiful couple! It's so amazing to see good things happen to the ones you love. Lots of prayers going to them and the people of Joplin!!

  3. I love that they are still having the wedding in the heart of downtown. Their wedding will be such a symbol of restoration!

  4. Have so much fun! Praying for them and for God to provide financially. Kyle and I both lost our jobs right before we got married. We were broke as could be and on food stamps for almost a year... But it made us so close as a married couple and that year was the happiest of my life. :)

  5. Eee! Soo exciting! Hope you had a great time at their wedding! My sister got married this weekend, and one of my best friends got engaged! Love is in the air =)


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