More Beachness

posted on: Friday, June 17, 2011

Yes, another beach installment. ;) You would think with all these babies in one house it would be pretty chaotic but, it was actually really peaceful most of the time. All the little sweeties would wake up and play together completely entertaining themselves. It was precious. My heart was SUPER rejuvenated and filled up with so many giggles, seeing that girl talk ruled that week. YES! Once the littles went down for bed it was just us baby mommas to rule the night!  We laughed so hard playing stupid games and having 3 conversations going on at once, from all directions of the living room. It was heavenly to say the least. I love these girlies so much. 
Jessie, Lorean and Anna's little sugar Isabel
Early morning snuggles.
jessie's photo
Sparrow and Forest boy chillin' over breakfast.
jessie's pic
miss kara's photo here and below :) 

Our little sweeties.
anna's pic

The view from our deck. Yes, I know...AH! 
Some of my treasures

Káel loves Kara

Little Micah bean 

Anna and Kristina made some kick booty, good salmon cakes with mashed potatoes and asparagus for dinner. It was SO  yummy. Each night we switched off and each girl got a night to whip up some dinner. 

Our evening beach walks were some of my favorite moments. 
Káel would fall asleep every time we took a beach walk in the evening. Those ocean waves were magic.
 Ok, let me just say there was a storm from the bowels of scariness that blew over our beach house which was up on stilts. The windows were breathing with the gusts of wind and the whole house was gently swaying back and forth. Gulp. Anna was laying out an emergency plan in her head, we were all ready at a moments notice to scoop up our sleeping little darlings and where? Oh yeah lets head to the bathroom, the bathroom that's sitting 15 feet off the freaking ground.  The only semi-safe place was a little room under the house in the carport. Lets just say there were a lot of prayers and nervous smiles that night. Anna's little girl Isabel was the only baby to wake up and she was quite the entertainment. I don't think she realized she was awake. haha. She was chitter chatting to all of us and stumbling like she had had too much to drink. HA! It was the cutest thing ever. I remember waking up around 4am and thinking I was on a boat, the house was swaying so much. I went down stairs and peeked out the windows,  as lightening was gloriously striking the water. It was beautiful.
This storm better not mess with these mommas. BOOM. 
Have a beautiful rest of the day dears! 

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  1. That is so beautiful to have such a wonderful set of mommas in your life!!!

  2. I love your blog and free spirit. It reminds me to have passion for life in a world that can seem so dark and have fun.

  3. This looks like the trip of a lifetime!!! What amazing memories!

  4. Oh! That's looks so fun! I hope someday when me and my friends have kiddos we get to do something like that! Those little munchkin's are the cutest!

  5. Wow... Beautiful. Such adventures! Lucky mama :) :)

  6. Oh I've been looking for information on places to rent in the carolinas on the beach. Did you set up the rental or is it in someone's family?


  7. I recognize some of those photos ;) I love the last one - that storm was soo scary!

    That trip was so much fun! Let's do it again soon.

  8. What a memorable trip. Priceless.

  9. You guys are really having a lot of fun! I love your summer outfit. I have a 4 yrs old baby girl I love dressing her up. Just got this hand me down clothing at


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