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posted on: Thursday, May 5, 2011

lounging out side in our back yard, talking to my mom in the sunshine. kael laid on me like this for about 15 min. it was precious. 
It's Thursday and the warm, yummy, summer weather got lost I suppose. It's still sunny but chilly, too chilly for tank tops. Are you gearing up for your weekend!? I am. 4 days til I leave on a fabulous girl beach getaway. More details on THAT tomorrow! I'm bringing little man. With that being the case, extra preparations and lists have to be made to make the adventure as stress-free and fun as possible. I've still got errands to run, one of Sam's best friends is graduating college this weekend and it's my first mother's day this Sunday! Ah! Lot's of wonderfulness that I'm trying to balance.

OH! One of our favoritest couples, Stuart and Courtney had their baby last night! All of our friends were on pins and needles all night waiting for THE tweet that said he had finally arrived! And sure enough around 11pm he came! Little Arthur Braxe Clark, he is a handsome little cutie pie!
courtney and stuart
baby arthur! isn't he precious!!!
Well dearies, I'm going to go do some wash, clean my little kitchen and blow kisses/flirty looks at my hubby while I do. PLUS, one of our dear friends is giving us a luggage bin to put on the top of our suv for the road trip to the beach! SO sweet and such a blessing! I'm gonna go pick that up today, PLUS do a Super Target run. E'hem...did you hear the last thing? Yes, Super Target! I'll share my packing/beach preparation list with you tomorrow! Muah!

xo Jess

Today is THE last day to vote for us on the 25 Top Stylish Moms! We are in the 8th spot right now! Ah! Like I mentioned before, top 25 will be published to over 6 million people!  Thank you loves SO much for voting! It overwhelms my heart and kinda makes me blush and definitely makes me have happy squeals! Thanks for your support! I think Káel and I might have a little dance party to celebrate. 

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  1. Hi Jess! I just wanted to stop by and say hello! I've followed you since your boho chic bride blog and it has been so fun to see your journey. I think I've commented once but I always forget..silly me. :/

    I found you when i started planning my wedding over a year ago and i am only a few short (two) weeks away. I can't believe how much has happened and that Káel is 8 months old! Seems like just yesterday you were finding out you were pregnant.
    Oh, and I have to say that I still watch your wedding video on a regular basis to get inspiration for mine. :) I will continue to follow you on your beautiful journey with your family.

    with much love,

  2. Just discovered your blog! I am longing for those sunny, warm, tank-top days to arrive here in Maine... Beautiful photo of you and your little guy in the header, btw! : )

  3. LOVE the new header! You are one beautiful boho momma! XO

  4. LOVE the header picture!!! You guys...

  5. I LOVE your header!! The cuteness of you and your little man is giving me baby fever!! Uh oh! ;)

  6. Your new header just kills me. I could stare at it all day - it's just magic! The weather is cooling down here in Australia, makes me want to lay outside in the sunshine. If only I had a gorgeous little someone like Kael to lay with me! :D

  7. Your new header is so heart melting, I swear!


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