Boho Beach Days

posted on: Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kristina, Anna and I loaded our little babies into my Volvo and hit the road around 10am and arrived at the beach around 1:30, yesterday. It was SO much fun road-trippin' with them. My CD player stopped working 2 days before the trip and Sam wanted to get it fixed before our trip but, we weren't able to. I assured him we'd probably talk the WHOLE way there....and we did. haha. 

Our beach house is AMAZING! Oh my goodness it's a two story, huge, bright and amazing with a view of the beach right in our backyard! Káel needed a nap when we got here yesterday so he wasn't too keen about the water. I'm hoping today now that he's rested, all happy and excited that he'll enjoy it more! His favorite thing seems to be the wet sand on his toes. My little sweet stuff. Jessie fixed us an amazing meal and after the babes went to sleep, we all stayed up and talked til' 1:30am. SO much fun. Today is another full day of amazingness! More beachiness for you later. 

kristina and adoration arriving

chillin' and waiting for anna 
anna's little sweetie, isabel

noah giving forest boy kisses
beach babies
first beach walk

sand face
adoration after a day at the beach

noah using my video camera as a phone

jessie making an amazing harmony bowl dinner

tempeh...a new found yummy protein love 

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  1. omg!! cant wait to get there and play with all the babes!!!

  2. I'm craving tempeh now! It's so yummy!


  3. I found this incredible shop on Etsy that you might enjoy! I know, nothing related to this post ha but it is too good not to share! :) Have a great time at the beach!

  4. Such adorable babies! I have really been enjoying your blog and wish you a great little vacation! Also, tempeh=yummy.

  5. Such beautiful photos of the littlies playing together, they will be precious to show them when they grow up.
    Rhi x

  6. I love your car! And, your little boy is adorable! I enjoy reading your blog. I love the whole "boho" style!

  7. What gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing! :)

  8. thank all you lovesies for the sweet, SWEET comments. <3

  9. What lovely memories for the children - you should definitely do this trip again when they're a little older!

  10. Stumbled across your blog! This just looks way to sweet and I want to join. How cute are all those beautiful babes

    im ready for a vacation, yesterday!

  11. Oh my goodness- this all sounds wonderful! Have so much fun, friend!

  12. hope you had/are having a wonderful time!!! making me super jealous...i need to plan a trip to the beach! so worth it!

  13. It is beautiful! I hope you had a good time. I was wondering what is in the harmony bowl dinner? It looks delicious!! maybe you could post the recipe?

  14. Where do you get all your head scarfs???

  15. Where do you get all your head scarfs?


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