Christmas Eve

posted on: Thursday, December 23, 2010

Here are a few pics from our little cabin's Christmas trimmings. I made lots of hymnal paper ornaments and even a star last year and decided to use them again this year. I added a few extra things here and there, which I will show you when we get back from Dallas.

Little woodland boy decided to touch his toes for the first time while I was putting the finishing touches on our tree and hanging up our last Christmas cards! As any obsessed mommy would do, I grabbed my camera and was able to get some sweet pics of the historical moment. Mmmm...I LOVE my little man! I love that this is his first Christmas! Those happy melodies about jingly bells and the snow man that comes alive, are his FIRST to ever hear and giggle to... Such an exciting time for our little Forest Káel.

I ventured out 3 days before Xmas Eve to our most crazy mall. Yes, it was hectic. But, I kinda liked it. Pretty much every one was in a good mood, so I felt all warm and fuzzy. Sam snapped a pic of me before I walked out the door. I was ready for the long lines, backed up red lights and endlessly filled parking garages. I sang Christmas carols super loudly in the car on my way over and didn't care this time if I was in key or not. It's Christmas time and I was through with stressing about silly little things that won't amount to a drop in a bucket 5 years from now. Sometimes you have to choose to get in the mood for the holidays. I did, and am.

We are having a blast here in big D! Tonight, as we picked up some Pei Wei take out, several tables busted out singing, "Jingle Bells" and a couple other Christmas Carols . I loved it! I was a nut, swinging my arms and singing loudly with my mom as she and I traveled over to get our much craved glass of Chai and Orange Spice tea.

Happy Christmas Eve loves!

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  1. Glad you're in the Christmas spirit - despite the mall crowds! Love your decorations, especially the paper hymnal ones! Wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas!

    PS Love your earrings in the on the way to the mall shot!

  2. Just found your blog and nice photos you got there! And great to see that you are enjoying Christmas. I love the specially crazy season, the carolings, the songs in the mall, the decorations, the ornaments, trees and most of the people are smiling. So it's nice to see that you are feeling it like I do this season.

    May you have a wonderful time with your family this Christmas and a great new year!

  3. I went crazy and went to the mall too! It was open 24 hours! Yikes! But I was definitely in the Christmas spirit the moment I turned to my friend and said that Jesus always provided a parking space for me, and one opened up right next to us! :) Your hair looks especially lovely in that photo :)

  4. I just found your blog and scrolled through it...
    you are such a beautiful person!
    and your little family is absolutely precious!
    Just thought I'd stop by and let you know you brightened my day a bit.

  5. That is a gorgeous pic of you! And I love your hymnal ornaments! So pretty! I got your Christmas card in the mail! Thank you so much! I have it hanging on fridge and it makes me smile! What a beautiful family you have!

    Have a wonderful weekend, sweet girl!


  6. I'm a brand new follower, just popping in to say hello and that I love your style! :)

  7. love your photos & updates! you are so inspiring!


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