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posted on: Tuesday, November 9, 2010

When Káel was still chillin' in my mommy spa, (aka when I was prego.) I made it a point to sing to him several times a day. In the car, while I worked out, as I would drift to sleep... I would always sing 2 specific tunes, "You Are MY Sunshine" and a lullaby I wrote just for him. I had heard that when babies reach a certain stage in the womb, they can of course hear, but they also have a degree of memory. If you repeat a certain melody or series of words while they are still nestled inside, when they are born it will seem familiar to them. I was constantly singing those two songs to him. Even during my labor, I would sing either one in between my contractions. I think it was my desperate attempt to focus on him through some tough spots. I figured if I was having feelings of freaking out during contractions, and it was all new to me, he might feel the same way. Perhaps, if he heard momma's voice, calm and familiar-it might in some small way encourage and sooth his little baby heart. Or at least I liked to think so.

As I held him for the first time, I found my voice somewhere-all raspy, hollow and broken from all the pushing and moaning that had transpired. I sang to him his lullaby as I held him IN MY ARMS. If you have had a baby, most of you can relate to the feeling of "Let me hold my baby already!" So this song is very special to us.

My man Samuel, who is an amazing musician, singer, songwriter got out our recording equipment out the other night to record Káel's cooing, and happy giggles. Also the lullaby I wrote for him. We are recording the giggles so we can layer them into the lullaby. It has felt good to mess around with music again. Samuel wants to put the song on the CD project he has been working on the past several months, which was extended through my pregnancy. The project in a way kinda documents the journey of love featuring the development of a baby and the constancy of love. Sam wanted this song to have a very raw feel. So, we just set up shop in our living room, having a few goes at it. Káel loves music and responds so directly to it which made it fun. I thought I would share our evening with you.

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Káel will many times break out the smiles and the "I love you gazes" any time I sing one of these songs to him. It's complete heart-meltingness. I am so totally, lost in love with him.

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11 thoughts:

  1. I can't wait for this project to be ready for us all to listen. I remember those moments of your song. they were powerful and amazing. And I know that you little man heard you. .

  2. Ok my pregnancy hormones got the better of me reading this! I have a lump in my throat!

    I have starting singing 'you are my sunshine' to my belly now I know the hearing is developed, and I can't wait for the 'i love you gazes' I am so so excited about meeting my little one

  3. so wonderful! beautiful!

    sweet family


  4. aaaawww jennifer... i totally understand the lump in the throat. :) you will love it!

  5. Thats beautiful - look at your boy watching his mumma in the second to last picture, bless his soul x

  6. I CAN'T WAIT TO BE A MOMMA! This post is so sweet. : )

  7. oh mandy...stop being so presh i can't take it! eeee i can't wait for you to too!!! <3

  8. He's a natural! Ahhh, so sweet (:

  9. so precious!
    We have a song we sing to Adoration every day. It's "I am so proud of you," by Jason Upton off his kids album. She always starts smiling and giggling when we sing it to her.

  10. Oh my I can't wait to hear this song - I LOVE how you are going to layer little Kael's voice into it! I may not be able to stand it :) :) :)


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