First Fire of the Season

posted on: Thursday, November 11, 2010

Brrrrrrr! This past week we had our first chilly spell that called for the heat to go on and a toasty fire to be stoked! I have to admit, I turned Pandora radio on to the Christmas Jazz station. I couldn't help it. *giggle* I lit some candles, Samuel started a fire, and Káel was in heaven as we let him kick around in his diaper on his lambie rug in front of the yummy warmth of the fireplace. It finally felt like the holidays were actually here, with the crackling and flickering action going on. Finally, I had to put little dude's jammies on. But, I let him stay all sprawled out for a little bit longer. Sam played some Wii and I was doing some blogging stuff. It was a perfectly quiet, marvelous night.

If you notice, I have an obsession with clocks. When we move to a larger place, I hope to have a wall of random shelves completely covered in old clocks. They make me smile. Eee! I'm so excited to decorate for Christmas. But, I will wait a little longer. I'm going to enjoy every little ounce of this season.

When do you start to first listen to Christmas tunes? Or what really makes you feel like the fall season has really started?

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8 thoughts:

  1. Where did you buy the Lambie from? I've been looking for sheep skin but I'm not sure where the best place to buy is?

  2. SO lovely...I feel the same way about fall and, as I was discussing with my British husband today, in England you can go Christmas crazy like, WAY earlier, because there's no Thanksgiving. (Although I do my own Thanksgiving and wow my English friends with sweet potato casserole and my grandma's biscuits)


    this is where we got our lambie at. it's one of káel's favorite things!

    awww-thank you amazing girl! ya know you could always get a woden mantle place and do it up even though you don't have a fire place! i've seen people do that before!

  4. I am utterly jealous of your fireplace. Your little house looks so cozy!

  5. One day I will live somewhere where a fireplace is necessary. Someplace where there are 4 seasons in a year, not 2! :) :) :) I've been looking around etsy for some new jewellery supplies, and I found vintage watch and clock faces that are just calling out to be made into necklaces and rings - you should check them out! :)

  6. AW!! SO coZy..Happy Winter time for you guys!!! XO

  7. ahh... I'd LOVE to be sitting by that fire right now :) that first picture is too cute! it has such a cozy feel to it. I've already started listening to Christmas music... I so love this is time of year!



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