Y Time

posted on: Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I have gotten more than a few smirks and smiles from friends who after hearing my obsession with working out, even during my third trimester find it entertaining. I love to bike and do weight training. It relieves stress to me.

So, about 3-4 times a week I trek up to my YMCA and bike anywhere from 7-12 miles each day. All the ladies who work behind the counter smile, wave and get a kick out of the "happy pregnant girl" who bounces in always snacking on something before putting in her ear phones.

Since we don't have cable, I indulge in Food Network for about an hour on the various machines I use up there. It's fabulous.

Yesterday it stormed all day and the motivation to go and kick my own behind in the gym was dissolved by the desire to curl up with a fuzzy blanket on the couch with my husband. But, today is a new day and it's not romantically storming outside.

A day of calorie burning possibilities perhaps?

I suppose the end of the day shall tell.

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