Overwhelmed Over Things Overrated?

posted on: Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Baby Showers, Parties...Registries, the Perfect Baby Room. Sigh. Are these things I'm overwhelmed with overrated?

"They" say pregnant women are more emotional than your average female. Before my incubation process I was like, "Na, that won't be me." WRONG . No matter how incredibly hard I've tried I have found myself at countless times in the middle of a swamp of emotional reason. It's like for a brief moment of sane enlightenment I will think, "Jess, why in the world are you thinking this? What's wrong with you? Chill out." Haha.
You know how you get on your period? Multiply that by a couple hundred, for nine months solid. Don't misunderstand me, I LOVE being pregnant and I LOVE the fact we have our little mister on the way. BUT, a journey is a journey no matter the ups and downs. It doesn't make the destination any less beautiful by acknowledging the truth of the matter and the sometimes difficulty of it...it can be an emotional whirlwind.
I can hear the hormonal weather forecaster inside me, "Yes, today in the Jessica Gatlyn county, we have sunny skies, with a just a few clouds and...oh, wait, there is a sudden tropical storm that seems to be blowing in from absolutely no where, effecting the entire region surrounding it! Oh, no I think our territory is being "overwhelmed" by some winds of "unrealistic" proportions.'"

Oh dear me. You have to laugh at yourself at times, you truly do.
But getting back to the overwhelmed and overrated part of my thought process. I've never been to a baby shower. Ever. Ha! How that is possible I know not. Before I got married, I had never been to a bachelorette party. I'm not really used to people planning things for me, I'm always involved somehow helping out, doing something. So, the thought of having someone plan something for me felt so strange. (Honestly still does.) My beautiful friends had to tell repeatedly at certain points before my wedding, "Jess, you've done enough, go back to the house and relax." Or when asking, "What can I bring, can I do something?" The quick reply was, "No, Jess, just show up and enjoy yourself." haha you'd think that would be easy?

Sure, Bride parties and Baby parties aren't the center of the universe. So, there is no reason to be overwhelmed by it all. BUT, there is something in hearts that love each other and love the seasons life brings us to that loves to celebrate one another and the accomplishments and stages we are at. There is nothing selfish or terrible about it. I'm sure that's a no brainer for most, but for me after stressing in bed last night about planning a baby shower I'm supposed to have when I have my first baby so someone else didn't have to, my husband helped me get out of my pregnant "tropical storm" and chill out to the point of relaxing. haha

I have been blessed beyond understanding by the friends I have in my life. One of my newer mommy friends took me to show me the ropes of baby registry, anther giving me tips on how do different things for the baby when I bring him home. Letting people in to love you removes all feelings of being overwhelmed.

My mom is planning us a shower the weekend of the 12th and we are so excited! We are all going to fly out to Dallas and have a fun weekend with my fam! :) Hello Dallas sunshine!

Enjoy it all. Relax, breathe, chill. Let people celebrate your life, whatever season you are in.

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  1. you go on ahead and have your baby shower! I seriously was freaking out way too much over it because I didn't want people to think I was being selfish and such but honestly my friends were like "you HAVE to have one" so we planned it all together and they spread word about my baby registry on myregistry.com to all guests who asked where I registered. really nice of them and the baby shower was just such a nice way to come together to celebration my joyous occasion. I throw baby showers for my friends because it's a great memory to have - don't stress out too much about it and just sit back and enjoy it! :)


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