A Peak Into My Flavor of Living

posted on: Sunday, May 30, 2010

Early 70's zipper sun dress I got for $5

Orange lamp from the 60's- $3
Retro Teal Metal School desk- $5
Vintage Afghan-$2

An old painting pallet I've used for a long while spontaneously got placed in one of the frames on my living room wall.

I like to use Mason Jars to trade out the seasons. In winter I put little pine cones in them, in the summer, bird seed...and paintbrushes. ;)
Plus, another vintage clock I found for a $1

When you come over to our house, you can leave your shoes in the old suitcase please.

My fireplace mantle is sprinkled with old books, clocks and bottles.
Including an old children's book I nailed on the wall.

...and another clock -$1...

...and yet another, one of my favs also found for the steal of a $1.
I collect old clocks-I've had a slight obsession with them for years.

Vintage Crochet Afghan-$3


3 thoughts:

  1. I think you are amazing!!! Love the new dress! You are like your Poppa, making old things new! ;-)

  2. I love your style! So cute!!
    The book on the wall is brillant.
    Also that dress is wonderful.

  3. i wish i had your creativity, impart to me please
    Michelle M.


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