Inspirations For Nursery

posted on: Saturday, May 29, 2010

I really want to bring some organic material such as sticks or some bark into the room I thought this idea was a possibility. Just not so many pinks, after all-I'm having a little man adventurer not a forest princess this time 'round. ;)

I found this pic a while back and just really find inspiration in it for some reason.

I love this orange mid century styled chair! I'm going to need/want a nursing chair for sure. Preferably one that rocks, but we'll see.

The two above pics are the baby "retro mushroom" bedding I got for a STEAL! I'm going to pull on the avocado greens, in combo with the burnt oranges and robin egg shell blues.

I love this color pallet

My mom got this mobile for us-I found it on etsy!

I just can't wait to make forts with our boy.

These are curtains from Urban Outfitters that I am using as inspiration. I really like the pattern. It has a very boho-ethnic feel.

I've been looking for a mid-century dresser for my changing table. Although this is a little more contemporary then I want, I just enjoy this piece.

I really want to find something like this and repaint it! I'll put my changing pad on it and a couple of baskets for the diapers, and BAM! Perfect, vintage cuteness.

We are either going to paint woodsy/forest like trees or get decals such as these from etsy. I want to paint one of the walls this mustard/avocado color as well.

Did you ever catch fireflies growing up? I did, and they are one of my favorite things! So I want to try to create the look of fireflies in a jar for a night light/lamp. I was even thinking of the christmas lights or bulbs you can put a pulse fader on. :)

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  1. amazing finds!!!!! I LOVE your bedding!!!!!! The first picture looks like something I have in my livingrooom:) Not that many birds yet though...

  2. I love it Jess!!! You are one cool, creative momma!

  3. No babies yet but I have told my husband I do NOT want to decorate our baby room with something 'themed' and predictable that everyone buys in the stores. The pics on here are totally our style and makes me happy to know there is so much more out there than the usual!!! Awesome!


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