posted on: Monday, December 30, 2013

My style has evolved with my lifestyle. I have to be able to throw it on, feel awesome and be ready to run with my rascals. For the most part, simple and billowing layers are my go to.  I don't encourage myself or others to have this as a practice, but I might have slept in the tee and leggings a time or two, then rolled out of bed after throwing on this sweater and a few rings... bam. haha. btw, I rarely wear anything but moccasins. But, these booties are THE most comfortable shoes ever. Samuel bought them for me and I have been living in them all week.

oversized tee: h&m
scarf: h&m
leggings: h&m
sweater: forever 21
boots: seychelles -anthropologie

12 thoughts:

  1. Love!!! But where is the adorable scarf from?!

  2. i'm actually glad to hear that i'm not the only one who is known to alter their 'pajamas' into something able to be worn in public. :)

  3. Looks perfectly cozy. Where is the scarf from?

  4. Love the outfit, perfect for every day!

  5. Great blog of parenthood with realness! Which can be related to by moms who want functionality and lovliness, keep up the good work , dear Jess,
    luv, Sarahlynn

  6. Her beautiful scarf is from "H & M" and I have never seen anyone able to put an outfit together quite like you Jess! Please keep the stylin pics coming. You take inspiring others to a whole new level! Love you! xo

  7. Your blog is wonderful, I love the re-design and always look forward to new posts. Happy New Year to your and your family!!

    1. aw thank you so much!!! happy new year to you as well!!!!


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