Thanksgiving Was Perfect

posted on: Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving was perfect.  It was wonderful, simple and full of quality time with my family in Texas. My parents got to really fall in love with Cedar and enjoy all of Kael's new passions and his always exploding personality. His obsession with animals and impersonations of them is the latest. haha. The slow, stealthy "tiger walk" with growls and his pretending to sleep and snore are my favs. 

While at my folks house, my dad was the baby whisperer, hands down. Any time Cedar seemed discontent, my dad would pick him up and in 2 minutes or less, this is what I would see. I swear, almost all of the pictures I took of my dad over the whole week that we were there, looked like this: my dad, holding his littlest boy, all snuggled sleepily on his shoulder...

6 thoughts:

  1. looove the picture. it's heart-warming for sure

  2. Absolutely precious! You have a lovely family!!

  3. oh my! can't help it, but tears well up in my eyes seeing this.


  4. It makes me so happy that you had just a geat time!! Love you


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