Lief's Round Up Birthday Party!

posted on: Sunday, January 22, 2012

My beautiful friend, Sarah threw the sweetest birthday party for her little boy Lief's 3rd birthday. It was all cowboys and indians, mini drum circles, and a big ruckus of smiles and cupcakes! Samuel made a little video of the day and I'm SO excited it is done!!! Yay! The song Sam used is the new single, "Obey Your Guns" by Matrimony. You can download it free HERE.  (Who just got signed by Sony Records, by the way! Wooohooo!!! )  Enjoy!!! 
Cowboys and Indians - A Birthday Party from Forest Lake Media on Vimeo.

8 thoughts:

  1. That video is amazing. THanks for sharing.

  2. He's so good at this!!! love everything about this video!!! xoxo

  3. I so love this video! What a fabulous group of people y'all are :) And that song! It's incredible! I'm going to download it now :)

    PS: Do you know where your friend Sarah got her amazing sweater?

  4. LIKE! and Sam is just amazing with his camera and editing!

  5. Loved this! I have decided I need to make some friends like these... everyone is so stylish and beautiful!

    1. haha! move to charlotte! ;) hehe. i have to say i am super blessed with an AMAZING community of amazing hearts!!

  6. What a great birthday theme AND a great video!

  7. These videos are so amazingly beautiful and well done. <3



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