Double Baby Announcement

posted on: Sunday, September 25, 2011

Two of our dear friends went into labor on the same day last week! It's really kinda crazy cool! They were at the same birthing center at the same time and then ended up having their babies at the hospital in rooms right next door to each other! Talk about a bonding experience! Well, we were SO excited to get the joy of visiting them in the hospital. Josh and Sheila had their little princess named, Elloise and Jesse and Rebecca had their little prince named, David Luke! I swear when babies THIS cute start surrounding my world, I catch the fever in the air. Sam too! He's been drooling over Ellie from the first picture posted on instagram! She is seriously just like a china doll! haha. We both melted as we held David and listened to Becca and Jesse tell their amazing birth story. He had the sweetest little smile on his face, the entire time I held him. It was so precious. No, it was dangerous! haha!

Check out these little preshies! Eeee!!!

Elloise "Ellie" ~ isn't she perfect! 
David Luke

David stole my heart...I'm so in love. 

The little Forest was pretty excited to meet David and told him all about the adventures they would have. 
I had to include this. I found the face crayons from Káel's party, right before we left for the hospital and couldn't resist. All the nurses who saw him in the hallway as we went to visit the babies seemed to get a kick out of it.

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  1. Oh shoot! One of my friends better have a baby now, or else I will! Those are some precious little ones!

  2. Ah baby fever is catching! My sister is having a boy in December and I'm so excited for my own little buddy :) Kael's mustache is precious!

  3. oh dear. that first little picture of David Luke sleeping with his hands together. I can't handle it. I swear if i look at that again i will have to get pregnant again. eeeeeee. such sweeties! what is it about having babies that is so addictive?!?

  4. I am in love with your head wraps! I think you need to do a "how to" blog post/ video :)

  5. I am having too much fun exploring your blog! I am your newest follower!! Stop by sometime, Amy

  6. these pictures are simply adorable! and that baby is just the sweetest thing ever!!
    xo TJ


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