Play Date

posted on: Thursday, September 23, 2010

Káel had his first play date today! Kristina, my friend and fellow mommy came over today and brought her 3 month old daughter Adoration with her! It was fun! Thought I'd share the little eventful happening today!

The amazing Lambie throw! Our fav.

Káel's little grey tank jump suit is from L'oved Baby! I LOVE their clothes! Very basic, good quality and you can layer them! That makes for a simple, awesome look. (I'm finding I love the all snap outfits and the kimono style ones. They are easier to get on a sleepy baby.)

3 thoughts:

  1. How cute are these, too? And I think they have two of the coolest baby names ever!

  2. I came to your blog through your sister-in-laws account of your birth story (which, like I commented on her page I have NO clue how I came to it, because I was just SO in awe of reading her account that I don't recall how I got there! :)

    You are amazing! Reading each part inspired me, made me want to laugh, cry, pray, etc. and I don't even know you! :) I can't imagine what it was like for you, your husband and your family! I feel like a "wimp" ;) because I had both of my children via c-section.

    Kael is absolutely beautiful! I look forward to following your blog and reading about his awesome life!

    Thanks for sharing!


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